Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Richmond Fire Station takes delivery of new half-million dollar fire truck

Jun 7, 2022

It can be an expensive business fighting fires, as is clear from Richmond Fire Station’s latest piece of equipment, a new multi-purpose fire truck costing a cool $530,000.


Fire and Rescue NSW Deputy Commissioner, Jeremy Fewtrell, was at the station to officially hand over the keys, along with Hawkesbury MP, Robyn Preston, who joined the photo opportunity.


Hawkesbury MP Robyn Preston with members of Richmond Fire and Rescue team


The vehicle is an Isuzu four-wheel drive and is equipped with a water spray

system to protect the crew, a compressed air foam system and a 3500 litre water tank.


The new truck is one of the tangible results of the NSW Bushfire Inquiry recommendations, which in part said new and expanded equipment was needed.


Deputy Commissioner Fewtrell said FRNSW provides its fire-fighters with modern vehicles featuring top-of-the-line capabilities to protect NSW families.


“We welcome this new truck which will allow our firefighters to be as prepared as they can be to meet the constant threats posed by bushfires, other fires and emergencies across the State,” the Deputy Commissioner said.


“We remain prepared for any situation, anywhere, anytime in protecting the people of NSW and this new vehicle will add to that preparedness.”


“This new asset will enable our firefighters to access fires in difficult terrain as well as respond to structural fires, rescues and other emergency incidents right across the Hawkesbury region.”


Ms Preston said she was, “proud to be part of the NSW Government which is providing our fantastic firefighters with the best equipment and technology available to support their efforts in protecting both people and property.”


FRNSW replaces around 40 vehicles each year with new and modern vehicles as part of a $17m NSW Government funded program.


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