Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Roads open, roads closed – the Council list on March 23 – some 13 roads still closed

Mar 23, 2022

We got hold of this list of roads and their current situation from Hawkesbury Council this afternoon.


We have asked for a timeline for repairs to be completed, so people can get some idea, but we don’t have any more news on that for the moment, and in some cases it would be hard for the Council to give a definitive time for reopening some of these roads, due to the high levels of damage.


Upper Colo Rd, passable for residents…


In the mix here are roads with some major damage, including Greens Road which has still not been repaired since last year’s floods, Upper Colo Rd – though Council says that is useable for residents – and Cornwallis Rd which has suffered massive damage.


Here’s the list as of today, March 23.

Mount Irvine Rd, Mount Irvine; Bowens Creek Rd, Bilpin – closed – no change


Greens Rd, Lower Portland – closed – no change


Cornwallis Rd, Cornwallis – closed – no change


Cornwallis – major issues there…


Webbs Creek Rd, Webbs Creek – closed

Resident access only – road made safe to allow resident access. Initial grading completed clearing debris from roadway, further maintenance work to be carried out as water recedes


Lower Colo Rd, Blaxlands Ridge – closed

Resident access only – road made safe to allow resident access. Maintenance works underway


Upper Colo Rd, Upper Colo – closed

Resident access only – road made safe to allow resident access. Significant embankment and road slips. Road clearing underway. Initial inspections by Engineering undertaken, planning for permanent repairs in progress


Gorricks Lane, Freemans Reach – closed

Detour in place due to closure of Freemans Reach Rd


Freemans Reach Rd, Freemans Reach – closed

Repairs underway


Valley Way, Tennyson – closed

Engineering inspection complete. Due to scope of works i.e. culverts washed out, a contractor will be engaged to carry out remediation works


Upper Macdonald Rd, Upper Macdonald; Upper Macdonald Rd, Higher Macdonald – closed

Resident access only – road made safe to allow resident access. Grading in progress. Slips to be cleared or reinstated.


West Portland Rd, Sackville – open

Rough surface, opened under reduced speed for hazard areas. Engineering [department] to fund road failures which are beyond maintenance scope


Windsor Boat Ramp – open

Pitt Town Bottoms Rd, Pitt Town Bottoms – closed

Further inspections required


Old Stock Route Rd, Vineyard; Old Stock Route Rd, Oakville – open

Brennans Dam requires pothole repairs (water still running through them). Inspection required to assess further maintenance requirements


Upper Macdonald Rd, Saint Albans – open

Embankment slip yet to be cleared, slip to the river to be reinstated. Road made safe, road is open to traffic


Gorricks Run, Upper Macdonald – closed

Resident access only – road made safe to allow resident access. Roadway cleared of silt, further grading required on the other side of the causeway. Causeway sustained damage, engineering inspection yet to be completed. Maintenance inspection indicates concrete edging repair required.


Punt Rd, Pitt Town – inspection required

Further inspections required


Settlers Rd, Lower Macdonald – closed

Landslip on Settlers Rd between Wisemans Ferry and Lower Macdonald


Lamrock Ave, Glossodia – open

Road repaired and open to traffic


McKinnons Rd, Wilberforce – closed

Repairs to be scheduled


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