Monday, 24th of June 2024
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Robyn Preston MP State Member for Hawkesbury

May 20, 2024

Opinion with Robyn Preston MP

State Member for Hawkesbury

We have witnessed events locally and overseas which remind us of our place within this country and why we enjoy the freedoms that we do today. We owe a debt to Australia’s Veterans, who put themselves in a position of an uncertain future.

Dawn services across the country in commemoration of Anzac Day, gave us an opportunity to pay our solemn respect to our Defence personnel, but we should too, consider the great impact war and conflict can have on our soldiers and our great nation. Families, friends, neighbours and colleagues, may all feel these weighted emotions.

We live in a time where we are breaking the stigma around mental health. We openly discuss our feelings and don’t feel the need to hide our ambition to seek help. When I visit local health services around the community, it is amazing to see that a lot of mental health mentors are in fact, sufferers themselves. They choose to take their experience and turn them into strengths as they share their history and learn from that past to help the community – just like our diggers did.

Now as I continue to advocate for mental health assistance across NSW, I am saddened by the news of more domestic violence instances occasioning death. As a country, we may talk openly about seeking help, but I say let’s do better. We know that a conversation can save a life. I think a conversation can also prevent an outcome. If we speak to those closest to us when we think they are struggling, we can encourage them to seek help and in-turn, potentially save another life.

We have been afforded our freedoms, the right to worship, to speak freely and to choose who we support. Let us never forget the sacrifices made for Australians, by Australians. We have the opportunity to work towards peace, in the way that our brave Veterans did, and our Defence members continue to do.

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