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Rock on – it’s a spooky cool cats Halloween

Oct 31, 2021

Yes, tonight is the night that Halloween creeps across the Hawkesbury and if you happen to be in Kurrajong you may well find some witches cats…glowing pumpkins, and even some eerie black bats.


Miniature works of rock art with beautifully painted and slightly scary cats on them have been placed around the village and the Memorial Park to add a bit more suspense to the scariest night of the year.


Why cats? Well, you never see a witch with a dog…it’s always a black cat with gleaming eyes, often hissing and helping its mistress with spells.


The rocks are the work of talented Kurrajong Hills’ resident Angela Goddard who told the Post, “some spooky black cats and other Halloween rocks have found their way to the village waiting to be found.”


Ms Goddard has previously painted colourful bee-themed rocks which she also placed around Kurrajong back in August to being a little bit of colour to our lives during lockdown.


Now, get on down to Kurrajong, make a wish or cast a spell, and you might just conjure up one of the spooky rocks for yourself.


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