Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Santa visits families at Upper Colo and Colo Heights to bring some much-needed festive cheer

Dec 13, 2021


They’ve had it tough in the Upper Colo region this year with fires followed by floods, and they even had half their bridge washed away 9 months ago, so Santa reckoned he’d pay them a visit this weekend and cheer them up.


On Saturday the big man with the white beard boarded his horse-drawn sulky in Upper Colo and walked the road with elves Ebony and Charli, with Christmas tunes playing.


Some 4km they travelled to Somerset camp where they met local children and adults and handed out lollies and had photo opportunities with the kids and their families.


And then on Sunday they did it all again, this time to Colo Heights to the oval behind the fire shed where many local families had excitedly gathered.


The Santa appearances were planned by Upper Colo resident Liz Ross who told the Post, “I had so many thanks of appreciation. It really did bring out the emotions in people, with one man crying and thanking me for what we did.”


Santa’s on his way…


Ms Ross said she was motivated to arrange the events because everyone up at Upper Colo needed a break after a truly challenging year.


“We have been through a lot in our area,” she said, “with the fires and then the floods this past year, which affected our property too. We were trapped for over 10 days in our home, we couldn’t get in or out, our driveway cut.


“We need to bring happiness to the area, as we have all had our own battles this year.”


It took Ms Ross weeks to sew costumes, and then training ponies Honey and Cisco for their dress ups.


“There were lots of late nights, but it’s been so well worth it,” Ms Ross said.


“I didn’t do it for any other reason than to bring some hope, happiness and smiles, and there were lots of those!”


A lot of effort was put into the event by the Ross household…


It was a truly family event at the Ross household.


“My mum and my friend Cherie Steele made lolly bags to give out and I couldn’t have done it without all my kids, my partner and my kids’ help.”


L-R: Elf Charli with Santa’s pony Honey; front row, Chris, Santa, Honey the pony, and Brooke, back row, Liz Ross, pony Cisco, Mitch, Elf Ebony, and Troy


Elves Charli and Ebony are Ms Steele’s daughters, Santa was Ms Ross’s partner Derrek, and Ms Ross also drove the sulky. Her daughter Brooke and partner Chris were in the front car, which was also decorated, and played Christmas music from a big boom box.


“My two sons Mitch and Troy walked behind us, along with Cherie, just to keep us safe from any cars that might come too close.”


What a great community event, and after the year many have had in our area it certainly seems to have done the trick and Ms Ross says they will be back next year “bigger and better”.


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