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Say hello to our newest citizens

Jun 11, 2021

Deputy Mayor Mary Lyons-Buckett welcomed 33 Hawkesbury residents this week as new Australian citizens after they were officially handed their certificates at a Citizenship Ceremony held in Windsor’s Hawkesbury Regional Galley.


MP Susan Templeman (left) with new citizens the Calvert family, and (right) Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mary Lyons-Buckett


“Becoming an Australian citizen is a very special occasion in a person’s life,’’ the Deputy Mayor said.


“It is a great honour to confer Australian citizenship to people who appreciate and respect our values and who want to make Australia their home,” she said.


“It means you are now able to enjoy the opportunities and benefits of being an Australian citizen, congratulations.”


Hawkesbury Council hosts citizenship ceremonies for local residents who have applied to become Australian citizens through the Department of Home Affairs.


The event was also attended by Macquarie MP, Susan Templeman, and councillors Emma-Jane Garrow, Amanda Kotlash, Danielle Wheeler, and Sarah Richards.


The new Australian citizens were born in a wide range of countries including the Philippines, Vietnam, China, South Africa, Sweden, South Korea, and the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland and Scotland), Ghana, Fiji, North Macedonia, Ireland, New Zealand and Denmark.


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