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Service of Mourning at St Matthews Church to remember Queen Elizabeth II and her visit to Windsor

Sep 21, 2022


Back in 1970, Queen Elizabeth visited Australia and among the places she stopped was St Matthews Church in Windsor on the afternoon of April 30 where she had a tour and signed the visitor’s book, so it’s fitting the landmark building should be open on Thursday to remember the departed Sovereign and her association with the town.


The service, which begins with a Prelude at 9.30am of organ played by Graeme Hunt accompanied on the flute, played by Karen Merrick, will be led by the Reverend Chris Jones.


St Matthews Church is well worth visiting and the special service tomorrow is sure to be memorable.


Here’s the Service Outline


Prelude from 930am Graeme Hunt – Organ

Karen Merrick – Flute


Commemoration and Thanksgiving – Rev Chris Jones


1. Acknowledgement of Country

2. National Anthem – Advance Australia Fair

3. Welcome

4. Praise My Soul the King of Heaven

5. Confession and thanksgiving

6. 10 minutes remembered

7. Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

8. Psalm 24 – Kalita Thorburn

9. Philippians 2v1-11 – Kerry Jones

10. Address

11. Announcement re gifts to Mothers Union

12. The Lord’s My Shepherd (Collection)

13. Prayers – Craig Laffin

14 Bring to the Lord a Brand New Song (Tune Jerusalem)

15. God Save the King

16. Blessing


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