Monday, 24th of June 2024
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Sinkhole Closes Road Amid Investigation

Jun 6, 2024

Geotechnical experts are undertaking “invasive investigations” at the site of a sinkhole on The Terrace at Windsor.

Hawkesbury Council has closed The Terrace between Fitzgerald and Kable Street after two-metre deep sinkhole appeared on the weekend, revealing a colonial-era drain.

This development has heightened concerns over the integrity of the land especially as the sinkhole sits across from the unrepaired riverbank damage which has caused extensive land collapses along the riverbank towards the bridge.

The sinkhole, which sits just metres from local homes, is adjacent to a pedestrian footpath, and measures over two meters in depth. At the bottom, a historic colonial brick barrel drain is visible.

The sinkhole has revealed a colonial-era drain.

“In the interests of public safety, pedestrian access to the immediate area around the sinkhole has been closed and as the collapse encroaches on the road pavement it has been decided to prohibit parking on The Terrace and to restrict traffic to one way between Fitzgerald and Kable Streets. To minimise impact to bus routes, traffic is restricted to one-way in the eastbound direction only,” a HCC spokesperson said.

“Stormwater engineers have attended the site and will liaise with heritage and geotechnical experts to determine the methodology for remediation. Council’s Operations team will continue to monitor site safety until repairs can be undertaken.” Council did not respond to questions about whether efforts would be made to preserve the colonial drain.

The council spokesperson said the repairs to the riverbank at Howe Park and on The Terrace walking path are being funded through the State Government’s Community Local Infrastructure Recovery Package. “…designs for the repairs are underway, and work is expected to commence in October, weather permitting.”

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