Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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South Windsor industrial oven fire leads to worker evacuation this morning

Feb 17, 2022


Fire and Rescue (FRNSW) crews from Windsor and Richmond faced what they called “a tricky fire” in an industrial oven at South Windsor, this morning, which led to 10 staff evacuating from the building in Walker Street.


The gas-fuelled oven caught fire about 8.45am, forcing 10 workers to evacuate before the arrival of FRNSW trucks.


The oven kept re-igniting due to its contents – highly flammable plastics.


Firefighters, from Windsor and Richmond, cut the gas and electricity supply and, wearing breathing apparatus, used numerous carbon dioxide (CO2) portable extinguishers to keep on top of the flames.


Firefighters had to re-enter the factory and hit the seat of the fire with additional carbon dioxide from a FRNSW bulk CO2 truck at the scene.


Fire crews are using thermal imaging cameras and gas detectors to monitor the area and prevent re-ignition.


Superintendent Scott Dodson from FRNSW said this was a timely reminder that calling Triple Zero (000) for a fire emergency can be the difference between life and death, or a building or other property being saved or destroyed.


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