Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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South Windsor music store strikes just the right chord with locals

Apr 6, 2022


A love of the Windsor area grew in musician Dave Taylor when he visited many times for gigs, and so it’s not surprising he’s decided to make the move more permanent by opening South Windsor’s very own music shop in the shape of Open Channel Music.


The OC Music shop on George St, offers instruments for sale, as well as a large range of equipment including amplifiers and sound systems, and also supplies school music departments too, even offering PA design and installation, all alongside Dave’s in-depth knowledge of music and the music scene.


“To open a full time retail store in South Windsor means the world to me and my family,” he told the Post.


OC Music’s owner Dave Taylor with the Easter Bunny who came calling in South Windsor –


“I’m very lucky to have tremendous support from the music retail industry and my network of friends and family, and I love servicing the Hawkesbury community.”


Dave came over from the UK 20 years ago and often used to gig in Windsor.


“Windsor in general has always been very special to me,” he says.


“Its charm reminded me of home, and there hasn’t been a music store around this area for quite some time so I’m hoping to serve the Hawkesbury community and provide them with all their musical needs.”


OC Music itself has been around for two years, originally based in Riverstone, but this is OCM’s first retail store.


Just a small selection of some of the instruments and gear you can get at OC Music, South Windsor


“I’m very lucky that I have a good friend over at Orthius guitars that actually makes boutique custom guitars out of his workshop there in Riverstone,” Dave told the Post.


“When I decided to start up they offered me a small retail space within the workshop which worked really well for me. The business has now grown and needs a bigger space, hence the move.


OC Music is at 483 George St, South Windsor, and offers a wide range of musical instruments for sale, stringed instrument repairs, with access to a master luthier, PA system design and installation and educational liaison and supply to NSW school music departments.


“My background for the last 15 years has been managing music stores around Sydney and also working on the wholesale side with suppliers,” says Dave.

“Before that I was trained and working as a sound technician. Two years ago I decided to start my own small business servicing school music departments supplying any goods they needed and taking care of their repairs and PA system installs.


“The school side has always been at the core of what I do and will continue to grow, it’s just handy that people will be able to drop in and grab what they need from the store now as well.


“Open Channel Music has always been about ‘openness’ and friendly, professional service,” says Dave.


“I remember going into music stores in the early 2000s and feeling very uncomfortable with the atmosphere and culture you seem to find in those places, especially as a beginner. My aim is make all customers feel welcome no matter the level of their knowledge or needs.”


OC Music is at shop 2, 483 George St, South Windsor, and you can visit them on their Facebook page too. Contact phone number is 0432 905 698 and email is


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