Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Sun Gods visit Kurrajong Heights Bowlo – local tradies help the club get switched on to solar

Nov 18, 2021


A large group of tradies visited Kurrajong Heights Bowlo this week and installed solar power panels for the community club for free – up there club members are perhaps not surprisingly calling them the Sun Gods.


The solar panels were supplied by REC Reconstruct who organised the government grant that made it happen and who then worked with other local companies to put it all together and switch it on.


Andrew Lindsay and his team from Signature Solar managed the project, with meticulous care, focusing on every aspect from planning through to completion.


The carport style structure was supplied by Clenergy, and the solar inverters by Solar Juice.


There was also a massive effort from Kurrajong local Craig Potter and his team of three from Potters Plumbing Service who worked for nine hours with their excavator digging trenches so the electricians could lay the cable then backfilling and rehabilitating the site.


Now the club will be able to reduce running costs and use those saved funds to make even more improvements for the community-owned and operated club that exists thanks to a hard-working volunteer workforce.


Other recent improvements to the Bowlo include a major reconstruct of the former kitchen built in 1967 and which is now up to current commercial kitchen standards, all funded out of the club’s profits.


Removal of ancient air conditioners and the installation of four large split air-con systems supplied via the Stronger Communities Grant are now up and running.


On top of this, The Bilpin Shed members have also been cracking along with the Kurrajong Height’s Community Garden and Composting Centre at the Bowlo, once again guided by Neil Reece, and a truly hardworking bunch of locals.


The Bilpin Shed folks get to work on a Community Garden which is taking shape


The garden is getting bigger and they’ve nearly finished the first row of garden and beds.


There is plenty more to be done and they have been hard at it, cutting steel with a grinder, doing garden grade carpentry with chainsaws and concreting in posts.


The Board and members of the Bowlo “would sincerely like to thank all our volunteers, REC Reconstruct for organising the solar grant, and the federal government for our Stronger Communities Grant, as well as Potters Plumbing Service who gave 27-man hours and a machine after we made a call to them. They did it simply because it would help locals, they weren’t looking for a profit, it was simply about community”.


Now the club will be able to reduce running costs and use the saved funds to make even more improvements for the community-owned and operated club that exists only thanks to its volunteer work force.


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