Monday, 20th of May 2024
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Monday, 20th of May 2024

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Support for small farm owners at free Richmond workshops this month covering property planning

May 2, 2022

Small farm owners in the Hawkesbury are being urged to take advantage of a series of free hands-on property planning workshops in Richmond this month, beginning on May 12, and delivered by Greater Sydney Local Land Services.


Greater Sydney Regional Landcare Facilitator, Madeleine Florin


The workshops are aimed at giving smaller landholders expert advice and insight into all aspects of sustainable, resilient, and practical property management.


There will also be practical tools and tips to ensure small property landowners reach their business and lifestyle goals.


Greater Sydney Regional Landcare Facilitator, Madeleine Florin, said the events would take property owners through the ins and outs of best practice property planning step-by-step.


“It’s a three-part series that will help people identify and holistically reach their property management and lifestyle goals,” she said.


“A property plan provides a basis for efficient and sustainable land management and does this by stepping through a self-assessment that asks where you are now, where do you want to go and what tools and information are available to help you get there.


“Concepts and best-practice principles such as viewing your property as an ecosystem in a functioning landscape are provided along with planning tools such as a comprehensive workbook and self-assessment guide which provide a framework for the process.”


Ms Florin said when it came to property planning, there was no right or wrong approach.


“There are many ways to develop a property plan. Our workbook will guide people through one approach but each individual and property are unique, so this is not a prescriptive process and people are not being judged or tested,” she said.


The workshop series will begin on May 12 with an introductory session, followed by further events on May 20 and 27.


All workshops will be held at the Greater Sydney Local Land Services Demonstration Farm in Richmond.


Places are limited, so register here.


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