Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024

The Locals – independent group from Bilpin region pledges to “do better for our community”

Nov 4, 2021


A group of six Bilpin region locals aim to take seats on Hawkesbury Council in the upcoming December 4 election on a platform of “doing better for our community”.


Led by local businesswoman Lichell Maris, The Locals group includes two other well-known Bilpin business folk – Margaret Tadrosse owner of Bilpin Fruit Bowl, and Sam Ramaci who runs Bilpin Apple Pie Cottage – plus other locals, Tim Rymer, Margaret Miller and Jim Newton.


Yesterday, according to the Electoral Commission (EC) website – these candidates were all down as separate independents – apparently just another of many glitches on the EC site – and this clarification today means there is only one candidate running by himself – current independent councillor John Ross.


The group would have had two other members – Dr Billy Gruner and solicitor Rod Storie – but both were told by Hawkesbury Council they couldn’t stand because of issues with their addresses.


More on that in a separate story up next.


Ms Maris –who due to an another EC issue while putting candidate names forward used her married name – Farrell – says, “this is our independent group of passionate residents and business owners running for council”.


“We are a group of can-do people focused on doing better for our community and getting things done,” she says.


“We do not want to be tied up with unnecessary red tape, getting expensive reports, because council managers are extremely risk adverse,” said Ms Maris.


The Locals say they have three main policy areas – the three Rs – Rates, Road and Rubbish.


They want to see a rates reduction, what they call a “roads recovery”, and at least free roadside pick-ups per year – at the moment it is only one, slashed from a previous 2 per year – plus free tip fees and rights to scavenge for reuse.

A complete list of The Locals’ policies will be posted very soon, they say, and they are planning a video too for their official campaign launch.


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