Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Threat of heavy rainfall should continue to ease late afternoon-evening – BOM – floods continue

Jul 4, 2022


Source: Bureau of Meteorology Issued at 10:59 am Monday, 4 July 2022 Although rainfall rates have generally eased, says BOM in their latest weather alert, localised HEAVY RAINFALL which may lead to FLASH FLOODING remains possible until later this evening over the Illawarra, Blue Mountains, Sydney Metropolitan, and parts of Hunter (including Central Coast) districts. Isolated three-hourly rainfall totals between 50 to 75 mm are possible.


In terms of where we are with the Hawkesbury flood situation, major flooding is occurring along the Hawkesbury River at North Richmond where river levels peaked at 14.18 metres early Monday morning, slightly below the March 2021 flood level (14.38 metres) and higher than the March 2022 flood peak (14.08 metres).


Major flooding is occurring along the the Hawkesbury River at Windsor where river levels may reach levels similar to March 2021 (12.93 metres) and March 2022 (13.79 metres).


Major flooding may develop along the Hawkesbury River at Sackville, Lower Portland and Wisemans Ferry with levels likely to be lower than March 2022 flood levels.


Hawkesbury and Lower Nepean River:

Major flooding is occurring at North Richmond and Windsor.


Moderate flooding is occurring at Penrith, Sackville and Lower Portland, with Major flooding possible at Sackville, Lower Portland and Wisemans Ferry.


The Hawkesbury River at North Richmond (WPS) peaked at 14.18 metres around 03:15 am Monday and is currently at 14.04 metres and falling, with major flooding.


The Hawkesbury River at Windsor (WPS) may reach around 13.30 metres Monday afternoon, with major flooding.


The Hawkesbury River at Sackville may reach the major flood level (9.70 metres) Tuesday morning.


The Hawkesbury River at Lower Portland may reach the major flood level (7.60 metres) Monday afternoon.


The Hawkesbury River at Wisemans Ferry may reach the major flood level (4.20 metres) during Tuesday.


Colo River:

Moderate flooding is occurring along the Colo River.


The Colo River at Putty Road may reach 8.50 metres round midday Monday, with moderate flooding. Further rises are possible.


The threat of heavy rainfall will continue to ease today on and east of the ranges across central NSW. Weather Situation: A trough over the central coast will continue to direct a moist onshore flow, causing moderate to possibly heavy rainfall at times in areas near and to the south of the trough. The trough is forecast to move northward later today with drier air moving up the New South Wales coast in its wake. Rainfall over the Sydney Metropolitan and Illawarra districts will ease this afternoon as showers and rain areas contract northward to the Hunter district. Light to moderate rainfall is expected to continue across the Hunter into Tuesday. Rainfall will further contribute to flooding already being experienced, and maintains the potential for landslides. Damaging wind gusts are no longer expected across the warning area. However, strong and gusty winds may still provide the risk of trees toppling in softer and very saturated soils, particularly about the coastal fringe and ranges. Various Flood Warnings and Watches are current, including some MODERATE to MAJOR flooding in some high population areas, so please refer to those flood warnings at and heed the advice of authorities.


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