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Poultry Auction Set To Be A Cracker Event

Jul 23, 2023

Today’s poultry auction at Hawkesbury Showground is a joyful hark back to our agricultural roots, with exhibitors, visitors and organisers alike excited to come together over their shared love of the quirky bird world which is encompassed by the simple word, “poultry”.

Organiser Lisa Butt says the Hawkesbury Hoppers will be on barbeque duty at the event.

She adds, “There will be food and drinks available, including a coffee van. There will be poultry and poultry-related items available, but there may also be small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.”

The Poultry Sub-Committee of the Hawkesbury District Agricultural Association hosts the 2023 Poultry Auction tomorrow morning, and it’s a wholesome outing for the whole family.

The purpose of the annual event is traditionally to give local poultry enthusiasts a place to gather and buy and sell their birds, but like poultry auctions across Australia, the chance to gather over a
shared love of animals and agriculture alike has allowed the community to make this event so much more.

Practically, the auction serves a very important function.

“It provides opportunities for enthusiasts to change up the bloodlines in their flocks, so that means getting rid of excess stock and buying new stock,” says Lisa. “People wanting egg-layers for their
backyard also have opportunities to add to their families.”

The auction takes place at Hawkesbury Showground tomorrow at 10am, Sunday 23 July, with viewing taking place from 8am.

For enquiries, contact Nicole on 0437 863 908.

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