Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024


Dec 4, 2021


Polling booths are open today across the Hawkesbury until 6pm, and remember you have to vote.


Around 6500 people cast their votes in pre-polling, so still a fair number to go.


You’re voting for 12 councillors.


How do I vote?


You can choose to vote above the line or below.


Above the line gives you Groups.


Below the line gives you individuals.


If voting above the line, choose the Group you would most like to see win a seat or seats and then you can also number as many of the other Groups as you like, in order of preference.


If you choose to vote below the line, you need to pick a minimum of 6, but 12 is better given there are 12 seats on offer.


Above or below?


The general consensus is that above the line is best but it’s not effective if you don’t like the first candidate in the group. The way the count system works, first preferences are counted and the first candidate in each group gets all the “above the line” votes.


Once the quota is worked out, the votes over quota get given to the next person in the group in distributing the balance of first preferences. This continues until all first preferences have been allocated.


Below the line you have to number 6 but as we say you can vote for all 12, or even more if you ant to fill the whole ballot out below the line.


And whoever you vote for, choose wisely based on what you’d like to see for the Hawkesbury.


If you need further guidance, check out the stories we’ve covered on candidates and groups over the last month or so.


In terms of choices there are independents, smaller political parties and the two major political parties.


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