Monday, 20th of May 2024
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Monday, 20th of May 2024

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Warragamba Dam 100% full releasing water – North Richmond Bridge open – Windsor Bridge still closed

Mar 13, 2022


At 1pm today WaterNSW started letting water out of Warragamba Dam which sits at 100% full. They call it an ‘end of flood drawdown’ and it will continue for up to 3 weeks and only raise river levels a small amount, they say.


North Richmond Bridge reopened fully yesterday but Windsor Bridge is still not open, and may not be until tomorrow – Monday.


While water levels at Windsor dropped this morning just after 7am to below minor flood level, and the bridge is free of water and being cleaned, Wilberforce Rd is still not open, and there may be damage to the road surface – we’re waiting on Transport for NSW for further details on that.


North Richmond lower lying land still has some minor flooding and that might not go down until Tuesday


The big clean-up is now on and rain is due again this coming week with a 60-80% chance of rain falling throughout the week from Monday to Monday.


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