Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Wellbeing in the Valley

Oct 5, 2020

MacDonald Valley Association have launched a Wellbeing project which they hope will eventually lead to increased aged care services, health and counselling services, practical home-help and other key services in the Valley.


Initially the MVA is asking residents to fill in a survey which will help to discover the needs of the local population.


“Certain challenges face people who live in the Macdonald Valley including, poor telecommunications, lack of public transport, an ageing population, social isolation and access to needed services,” says MVA Wellbeing project organiser Kate Stuart.


“Recent events of drought, bush fires, flooding and COVID-19 have exacerbated these issues.”


The MVA is keen to understand how residents are coping and to identify ways to improve the valley’s sense of community and wellbeing.


Wellbeing is simply how people feel, and how they function, both on a personal and social level, and how they evaluate their lives.


The first stage of the project is to gather information from the community through a survey. The aim of the survey is to work out the needs (physical, mental and emotional) of community members.


“We would like to encourage as many people as possible to complete this survey,” Ms Stuart says.


“Your answers will help guide the second stage of the project, which we hope will result in a better quality, better supported life for our residents.”


The survey will be delivered by mail with reply paid envelopes, or can be accessed online (click for survey)


The project comes out of the MVA’s success in being awarded a Wellbeing grant from Wentworth Healthcare. The project is funded through the Federal Government’s Empowering Our Communities initiative.


The project is being managed by Kate Stuart, with support from Project Coordinator Bertie Waite and MVA committee members. If you have questions about the project please email:

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