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WINDSOR – man barricades himself in unit, Tactical Operations Unit called in, police officer injured

Sep 16, 2021


Just before 11pm last night – Wednesday – Windsor police were faced with a stand-off after going to arrest a man armed with knives at a home on Johnston Street, Windsor.


The man was wanted on an outstanding warrant but refused to surrender, instead barricading himself in the unit.


Windsor Police told the Post, the man grabbed some knives and threatened self harm.


Police spent some hours negotiating with the man, with tactical officers and negotiators on scene at 4.30am this morning the 42-year-old man was eventually overpowered by officers, arrested, and taken to Nepean Hospital for assessment, police told the Post this morning.


He suffered minor injuries only and at Nepean Hospital he’s undergoing a mental health assessment.


During the arrest, a Tactical Operations Unit officer received a cut to his arm. He was taken to Westmead Hospital for treatment and is stable. A crime scene has been established by officers from Hawkesbury Police Area Command and inquiries continue. Charges are expected to be laid in due course, said a police spokesperson this morning.


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