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May 14, 2023

The Windsor Annual Polo competition continued over the weekend with various grades from Subzero to 4-Goal. Local team Stone Real Estate won the subzero (Adam Buchert, Archer Buchert, Sophie Utz, Louisa Ryan). The 0-Goal was won by Los Lobos (Adam Meally, Scarlett Storie, Nick Wayland, Absent: Andrew Littleford) and the 4-Goal was won by Muddy Flatts (Toby Goodman, Pete Handbury, Wal Ashton, Guy Higginson). “This year has been our first full season back playing in the Hawkesbury region since the 2022 floods. The level of competition has been extraordinary and it’s been great to see overseas players competing again bringing the game of polo to the next level.” Pete Handbury (1-Goal polo player).

Next weekend May 20-21, the Countess of Dudley Cup will be played at Windsor Polo Club. Since being presented in 1910, this trophy has arguably become one of the most coveted trophies in Australian Club Polo. The trophy was named after the wife of William Ward, second Earl of Dudley who was the Governor General from 1908 to 1911.

The catalyst for the Countess of Dudley lending her name to the trophy was probably “Banjo” Paterson. Having a deep personal interest in developing nursing services in the outback, the Countess enlisted Paterson, by then a national figure, in support of her cause. Prominent in Sydney polo, Paterson was ideally placed to ask a favour of her in return.

The Countess of Dudley presented the silver cup at the inaugural tournament in 1910. It was to be a perpetual challenge trophy open to all member clubs of the New South Wales Polo Association and to ‘clubs which are members of the kindred associations in other states’.

Spectators are always welcome at Windsor Polo Club on Old Kurrajong Road, Richmond. No charge. The Club House will be open for refreshments.




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