Monday, 24th of June 2024
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Windsor Sinkhole Reveals Colonial Drain

Jun 2, 2024

A sinkhole has emerged on ‘The Terrace’ between Fitzgerald and Kable Streets in Windsor, directly opposite the Hawkesbury River revealing a colonial drain. The sinkhole development has added to the concerns over the extensive riverbank damage in the area, which remains unrepaired.

The sinkhole, located adjacent to a pedestrian footpath, measures over two metres in depth. At the bottom, a historic brick barrel drain is clearly visible.

Local police attended the scene and confirmed that the council has been notified and is taking steps to secure the site. The Hawkesbury River at Windsor has sustained extensive damage over years of flooding with large scouring all the way along the riverbank. Recent rains appear to have exacerbated the damage which remains cordoned off from the public.




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