Monday, 24th of June 2024
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Your Future – 2024 Hawkesbury Council Elections

Jan 14, 2024

This year, 126 local councils in NSW, including the Hawkesbury, will hold elections. This is your chance to influence how our community is governed and choose those who will represent us.

Every vote holds power. Elected councillors make decisions impacting our finances, homes, local infrastructure, parks, environment, waste, and other community services. The Hawkesbury Local Government Area (LGA) is in your hands this year. You decide who the decision-makers will be on our behalf.

Why does it matter? In 2023, the Hawkesbury community’s collective voice turned bad decisions into good ones. You’re not just an observer; your actions make our elected representatives listen and act.

Remember the successful effort to save the Wilcox family farm? Or the community stand against fireworks at Berrambing, where the Gospers Mountain fire occurred?  You also told Council that koala’s do matter and you want their habitat protected, you want to know how your rates are being spent. You want answers to questions about the bungled Lower Portland Ferry contract,, the $35 million – rate payer funded – loan to fix the Windsor sewer and the gaping hole in the river levy at Cornwallis.

And then there is the third crossing at Richmond – not a council project, but your concerns changed the route. Though not everyone’s ideal change, your voices made decision-makers listen. As the project progresses, it’s crucial to keep voicing your concerns during the detailed design phase.

While the September elections may seem far off, they’ll be a primary focus of the Hawkesbury Post for the next nine months. We want to hear from you. What matters most? What issues should Council prioritise or leave untouched? Are you satisfied with the current councillors’ performance? 

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