Monday, 20th of May 2024
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Monday, 20th of May 2024

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Yuliia’s Immigration and Entrepreneurial Journey

Jan 3, 2024

Yuliia Dmytriieva, the owner of The Laser Clinic in Hawkesbury, shares her thoughts on Australia with a pragmatic perspective. “Since I moved to Australia, I have experienced those bushfires, floods, and Covid,” she remarks with a laugh. Yet despite the initial welcome, Yuliia emphasises the importance of staying positive and talks passionately about the unique beauty of her new home. 

“There are lots of nice things here. I am still very surprised when I see a kangaroo in the wild, it always makes my day. People don’t realise how beautiful nature is here. How many beautiful animals and very rare animals,” Yuliia says.

“I saw an echidna one day in my yard. It is lovely in Australia. When I see a cockatoo, black cockatoo flying around my house sometimes, it’s amazing. It’s like living in paradise. You don’t see this in Europe, never such a variety of animals. You can’t be so close to the nature there.” 

Yuliia has invested in state of the art equipment to ensure her clients receive the best results.

Yuliia’s journey from Ukraine to Australia is marked by a quest for personal and professional fulfilment. Arriving in 2019, she initially grappled with adapting to a new language and environment. Seeking a purpose beyond the confines of her home, Yuliia who had always held an interest in beauty, discovered a passion for skin treatments through conversations with friends. Despite initial doubts about changing careers at the age of 36, she enrolled at the Australian Academy of Beauty and Laser in Bella Vista.

After completing her studies, Yuliia ventured into the beauty industry, gaining experience at various salons. It was during this time that she began to notice the distinctions between Australian and European beauty services. Inspired to bring a touch of European personal service to the Hawkesbury, Yuliia envisioned a beauty clinic that combined the best of both worlds.

The journey from concept to reality wasn’t without challenges. Determined to offer premium services, Yuliia invested in state-of-the-art Italian laser equipment, despite the financial considerations.  Reflecting on the decision to invest, she notes, “If you’re going to do something, it should be something you’re proud of.” Her commitment to providing quality treatments and a personalised experience led to the establishment of The Laser Clinic in Hawkesbury.

At her clinic, clients benefit from a personal touch, with the same professional handling their treatments to ensure the best results for each client. Yuliia says that way she can follow the progress of the treatment for each client. The response from clients has been fantastic, she says. 

“I really like it here. The people are friendly and since my first day I have feelings that everyone is trying to help me, you know. Since I started at college, the teachers have been trying to, my new friends and all my clients. It’s a really open supportive and friendly community,” she says.

As Yuliia continues to build her life and business in Australia, she stays connected with her family in Ukraine. Her parents’ experiences in the midst of global events underscore the challenges faced by many immigrants and the concerns they have for family back home. Yet, Yuliia remains appreciative of the opportunities Australia has provided.

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