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The stories behind the news – this week with our editor on Harmony FM

May 6, 2021


Every Wednesday at noon Hawkesbury Post editor Tony Bosworth sits down with Harmony FM’s John Bryant to talk about the stories behind this week’s news in the Hawkesbury.


We report for Harmony FM exclusively – you won’t find this anywhere else.


The segment runs for around 30 minutes. You can listen to Wednesday’s chat here.


For the price of a coffee…


Many of us like a cup of coffee, and most of us like to know what’s going on in our area. So we’ve got a deal for you – give us the price of a single coffee each month – let’s call it $4.50 – and we’ll keep providing quality daily online news as it happens. You can even read it while you’re having your daily coffee. Support Hawkesbury Post right here.

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