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MP Templeman named Special Envoy for the Arts – will help to rebuild and shape the sector’s future

Jun 1, 2022

Our re-elected Federal MP Susan Templeman has always been a passionate supporter of the creative arts, so it’s fitting as part of the new Cabinet announcements of the incoming Labor government she has been appointed Special Envoy for the Arts by the Prime Minister.


MP Susan Templeman, keen supporter of creative arts


“As someone whose first love was classical music, whose escape is novels, and whose first act after losing a home in a bushfire was to hang local art on the bare walls of a temporary home, I couldn’t be happier having the privilege to support the creators,” Ms Templeman said this evening – Tuesday.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to work closely in this new role with the Minister for the Arts, Tony Burke, with his vision for a cultural policy that rebuilds and shapes the sector’s future.

“As the mother of both a musician and an actor, I have seen first-hand the challenges and triumphs of working in the arts.”

“It was with dismay that I saw the previous government ignore the needs of the sector during Covid, when these are the artists, performers, musicians and crew who so willingly step up for the community in times of crisis to help raise funds for bushfire and flood victims, but who were themselves abandoned,” the MP said.


“And I will continue to be a voice for community arts and entertainment, which brings richness to people’s daily lives in local regions such as mine in the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains. My commitment to fighting for the people of Macquarie remains unwavering.

“I believe strongly in the role that creativity has for our wellbeing and in our education, and that it should be fostered throughout our society so all Australians get the chance to share and see their stories.”


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