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Sackville Ferry closure for essential work

May 25, 2023

Commuters are advised to make alternative arrangements on Monday 29th May as the Sackville Ferry undergoes essential maintenance.

The Ferry will be closed between 8pm and 5am while asphalting and surface upgrades are complete. Detours will be in place and change over the course of the night.

Motorists seeking to cross the river from 8pm to 10pm Monday 29 May will need to take a detour to the north adding around 45 minutes to journey times to access the Lower Portland Ferry.

Motorists on the western side of the river will need to detour via Western Portland Road and motorists on the eastern side of the river will need to detour via River Road.

When the Lower Portland Ferry is closed between 10pm Monday 29 May and 5am Tuesday 30 May, motorists will need to detour to the south via Windsor adding around 55 minutes to journey times.

Emergency services needing to cross the river at Sackville during the ferry closure will be able to do so with a delay of around 20 minutes to allow for the resetting of the crossing to provide the service.

Photo credit: Peter Haynes Perspectives


Main photo credit: Peter Haynes Perspectives 


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