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Substandard road repairs create hazardous conditions in Bilpin 

Jun 5, 2023

Bilpin residents claim that substandard road repairs are causing havoc on local roads and are calling for Hawkesbury City Council to fix them.

Susanna Benzko, a concerned resident, recounted a distressing incident when she had to seek assistance after her horse trailer got mired in the mud on the way to the vet. She expressed frustration, having already raised the issue with the council a week prior, only to be assured that repairs had been made, which ultimately resulted in the current deplorable situation.

“I had to get towed out with my horse ON(sicc) the float on our way to the vets this morning,” local resident Susanna Benzko said.

“I already asked council to look at it only last week after they “graded” it and they told me they fixed it last week again only to leave this ridiculous mess,” she said.

Residents claim that shoddy workmanship is causing dangerous driving conditions and impeding the safe passage of emergency service vehicles. Local roads, including Wolka Road, Tootie Road, and Horsfield Road, have been transformed into muddy quagmires.

Helen Attard echoed similar concerns about the state of Mt Tootie Road, describing it as a slippery and slushy mess. Bronwen Davies-Hawkins added that the problem extends beyond a single road, recounting an incident where a garbage truck slipped into a roadside drain.

Residents contend that the council contractors are neglecting to lay proper road base, opting instead to maintain the roads with “dirt,” creating a mud-covered surface prone to hazardous conditions during wet weather. Another resident highlighted the issue on Horsfield Road, where no layers of road base or gravel were added, resulting in the continuous washing away of the dirt, leading to muddy tracks.

“They did the same in Horsfield Road, no layers of road base or gravel just dirt wtf, useless, with the rain it just washes away again and we are back to mush and deep channels again! ARghh!”she said on a Facebook post.

Another resident, dissatisfied with the council’s poor maintenance work, has personally taken charge of the last 400 meters leading to his house, forbidding council contractors from entering.

Residents are united in their call for the council to take responsibility and address the issue promptly. Susanna Benzko highlighted the urgency of the situation, emphasizing that these roads are vital for not only residents but also their livestock and guests. She expressed concern that emergency vehicles could become immobilized if the problem persists. Benzko called on the council to either commit to thorough re-engineering or complete reconstruction, citing Powell’s Road as an example to follow.

Notably, last year, Hawkesbury Council released a report titled “Status of Hawkesbury Roads Report,” which highlighted the deteriorating condition of the local road network due to major flooding in recent years. The estimated repair bill at that time was a staggering $190 million. The report shed light on the council’s struggle to manage its extensive 1063 km road network, which has experienced rapid deterioration in recent years.

If you have dangerous roads or substandard work being undertaken around your area, you can email us at

Wolka Road, Bilpin in a terrible state of disrepair.

Wolka Road, Bilpin residents face a daunting daily commute.

Bilpin’s local roads

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